Learn a little (or a lot) about what makes Stanislaus unique.

We run our family business on unique, but fundamental principles designed to continually enhance the quality of our "Real Italian" tomato products:

"You can't make good wine from bad grapes!" Click to Learn More

That's one of Amerigo Cortopassi's favorite sayings, and one that Stanislaus very much believes in. Superior quality tomato products start with the best tomatoes!

"Creating the perfect flavor balance is an art." Click to Learn More

In order to make superior tasting wine, a master vintner artfully blends grapes of different types to achieve the perfect "balance." At Stanislaus we take the same approach in making superior-tasting tomato products.

"Packed from Fresh Tomatoes, Not From Concentrate!" Click to Learn More

Visitors to our state-of-the-art Modesto cannery during the summer harvest season are amazed at how fast everything moves—the people, the equipment, and especially the tomatoes.

"Time and Temperature are the enemies of fresh tomato flavor!" Click to Learn More

It's a proven scientific fact that the longer a fresh tomato is cooked and or the higher the cooking temperature, the greater the flavor loss.

"Superior quality, all the time—it's a matter of family pride!" Click to Learn More

At Stanislaus, our philosophy of quality control is much different from the way our competitors operate. (But they're not "Real Italian" cooks!)

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