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Since 1990, we have published 100 plus issues of La Trattoria as our way of helping Independent restaurateurs exchange proven business building ideas.

Our purpose here is to help you find back issues of La Trattoria, newly added to our online library. It is also a place to spotlight favorite ideas, past and present.

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Steve Rouse
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Brief highlights from older La Trattoria issues, newly added to our online library.

Aug 1995 (Online 5/12) - Go To Issue

Sharing Success – Returning to Lucca:  A Feast for the Senses — Dino talks about visiting Cousin Mario in his Lucca butcher shop and the value of attractively displaying your superior quality ingredients, “Italian style.”
Success Story:  Italian Market Café, Roseville, MN — Restaurateur increased employee productivity and longevity, by motivating them with a share of the profits.
La Vera Cucina:  Scaloppine di Polla a la Arancia — Sauteed chicken medallions, seasoned with fresh oranges, a family recipe from Calabria shared by restaurateur Anthony Petrozza.
Key Ideas: Low Cost Ways to Improve Effectiveness — “Dr. Pizza” advice column gets read daily; contest encourages every home to have magnet; lotto tickets tell customers they’re worth a million, and homemade videos ensure consistent training.
Business Builders: Target Marketing — Hosting Chamber of Commerce “welcome” mixer attracts business diners; happy hour attracts football widows; and build it yourself pizza attracts families.

Sep 90 - Go To Issue

Sharing Success – Inaugural Issue — This very first issue of La Trattoria explains Dino Cortopassi’s vision, now shared by Nephew Tom Cortopassi, in publishing La Trattoria to help Independent restaurateurs help each other succeed.  Twenty two years later, Independents (and La Trattoria) are stronger than ever!  (Bravo!!  I am proud of our reader contributors and what they have accomplished together!  - Editor Steve Rouse)

Aug 96 - Go To Issue

La Vera Cucina – Piatto del Poveretto — Literally “poor man’s plate,” this rustic, trattoria-style entrée shared by Joe DiSabato combines highly economical peasant staples like peppers and potatoes with a bit of sausage, to create a tasty, healthful meal!

Dec 1995 (Online 7/11) - Go To Issue

Sharing Success - Dino helps define a “loyal customer” as one who values your quality enough to pay full price.
Success Story: Dr. Pizza, North Riverside, IL — “Hospital” themed décor and uniforms make pizzeria memorable. Includes Christmas themed ideas.
La Vera Cucina: Pasta e Fagioli - Cold weather comfort food, a traditional southern Italian soup from Tony Scalise in Cornwall, NY.
Key Ideas: Employee Training and Motivation — Incentives motivate employees in “self service” style café; Recognition helps servers shine; Educating employees on food costs; and Attaching important news to employee paychecks.
Business Builders: Attracting Families — Attracting sports “after tournament” parties; Reader rewards program; Decorating pizza boxes during tours.

Apr 1995 (Online 1/11) - Go To Issue

Sharing Success — Dino explains how “Being Real” in all that you do helps earn lasting customer loyalty and how discerning customers recognize shallow imitators for what they are.
Success Story: Scoozi Trattoria, New Haven, CT — Ideas on marketing wine, encouraging guest/server loyalty, and employee training.
La Vera Cucina: Pasticciata — Mouthwatering marinated eye of beef round, from Chef Otto Volpe in Sault Ste. Marie, ON.
Key Ideas: The Personal Touch — Personalizing Pizza Boxes, Balloon Bouquets Uplift Birthdays, and Customer Photos Create “Favorite Tables.”
Business Builders: Increasing Repeat Visits — Attract Families with Kids’ Reading Program, Owner’s Tableside Visits Ensure First Timers Return, and Send Notes to Recall Missing Regulars.

Nov 1990 (Online 10/10) - Go To Issue

Sharing Success - Dino thanks readers for first issue compliments.
Success Story: Testo’s Restaurant — How the Testo family diversified sales by bottling their marinara for retail sale.
La Vera Cucina: Shrimp Michele — Prosciutto wrapped scampi.

Jan 1991 (Online 10/10) - Go To Issue

Success Story: Regular Jon’s Pizza - Owner used computer to cut food costs 7% points by regularly reconciling physical ingredient inventory against sales.
La Vera Cucina – St. Valentine’s Pesto for Two – recipe and promotion celebrating the holiday with fresh basil, an Old Country symbol of love.
Key Question – Pizzeria owner reduces direct mail costs and increases effectiveness by targeting desirable neighborhoods within one mile of the restaurant.

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