Helpful Information for New Restaurateurs From La Trattoria.

Welcome New Restaurateurs!

Our purpose in this section is to provide new (and prospective) restaurateurs with ideas and information from La Trattoria to get your business started off on the right foot.

We have divided the information into: Food for Thought (smart ways to think about your business) and Proven Ideas (special tactics to atrract and keep quality-oriented patrons without competing on price vs. the chains).

We'll add content over time as more issues of La Trattoria become available.

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Buona Fortuna!

Food for Thought
Suggestions and opinions to help get your business started on the right foot.

Choosing a Winning Business Strategy Click to Learn More

The most important business decision you can make is whether to compete by offering the very best tasting food or the cheapest menu prices. You can’t do both. Here are some thoughts on business strategy from Stanislaus Co-Owners Dino Cortopassi and Tom Cortopassi.

Defining Loyalty (reprint from 1995) - Dino Cortopassi describes the difference between “loyal customers” and “disloyal price-shoppers” and why smart Independent restaurateurs compete vs. the chains by focusing on superior food quality, not price. Read More

Grabbing a Burger With My Boys - Tom Cortopassi explains why businesses who focus on doing a few things very well often outperform those trying to be all things to all people. Read More

The Importance of Visioning (reprint from 1992) - Dino Cortopassi says that the key to making your dreams a reality is identifying where you want to be, and then working backwards to remove obstacles in your way. Read More

Identifying the Best Ingredients Click to Learn More

If you plan to attract loyal repeat customers with superior quality food, congratulations! Here are ways to identify the best tasting ingredients.

Finding the Right Distributor Click to Learn More

There’s more to picking a good food service Distributor than looking for cheap prices. Here are some important things to consider when seeking the right Distributor.

Proven Ideas from La Trattoria
Topics of interest to New Restaurateurs.

Ways to Improve Food Consistency & Quality Click to Learn More

The race for quality has no finish line. Here are some ways fellow restaurateurs further enhance the quality and consistency of their offerings.

Non-Price Ways to Attract New Customers Click to Learn More

The problem with discounts is that they attract disloyal price-shoppers. Instead, here’s how restaurateurs get quality-oriented customers to try their food for the first time.

Ways to Build Customer Loyalty Click to Learn More

Here are some proven ways fellow Independents have helped turn new customers into loyal "regulars."