Quality depends most on how tomato products are made.

Fresh-Pack vs. Re-Manufactured

Nothing is more important to the quality of the tomato products you buy than how they are made. Basically, there are two ways for processors to make tomato products:


Packed From Fresh Tomatoes, Not From Concentrate - This traditional one-stage process is designed to maximize fresh tomato flavor, at the expense of additional cost.


Re-Manufactured from Bulk Tomato Concentrate and Water - This more recent two-stage process is designed to reduce costs, at the expense of fresh flavor.

To visually compare the two processes, click here.

For maximum flavor, 100% of Stanislaus' products are packed directly from just-picked fresh tomatoes, not from concentrate.

In the United States, it's illegal to print "Not From Concentrate" on a tomato product label unless it is true. One sure way to avoid "from concentrate" sauce is to look for "Not From Concentrate" on the label.

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