Introduction to our "Real Italian" tomato products and how we organize them.

Our "Real Italian" Products

Meet Our "Real Italian" Tomato Products!

If you are unfamiliar with our company, just ask any of our loyal,
quality-oriented restaurateur customers why they buy Stanislaus tomato sauces, and they’ll probably answer “flavor!” That’s because we’re obsessed with
maximizing fresh tomato flavor in each of our products by minimizing their
exposure to flavor-damaging heat!

That’s why, unlike other guys who Re-Manufacture their sauces from Industrial bulk tomato concentrate, all Stanislaus products are “Packed From Fresh Tomatoes, Not From Concentrate!” Learn More

We Organize Our Products Into Three Categories, Based on How They Are Used

To help you find the appropriate Stanislaus tomato products to meet your needs,
we’ve organized them according to the following three categories:

Products for Scratch Cooking

A full line of unseasoned Italian-style tomato products for those of us who view “scratch” cooking as a labor of love that pays off in the eating!




Products for Speed-Scratch Cooking

We give busy cooks a head start by doing much of the
time-consuming prep work ... so you can focus on
adding your "signature seasonings" that make
your sauce your own!







Products for Ready-to-Serve Convenience

Made with superior-quality ingredients preferred by authentic Italian cooks, we’re proud that our Ready-to-Serve sauces are so good your patrons will never believe anything this good came from a can! (So don’t tell them!)