Educational Information About Tomatoes and Sauce

Choosing and Using Tomato Products

Fresh tomato flavor is the lifeblood of many Italian dishes and sauces. We hope this factual information will help you judge tomato quality for yourself, make more-informed product choices, and maximize fresh tomato flavor in your signature red sauces.

Tomato economics - On a per-serving basis, tomatoes represent a small fraction of food cost, but a major fraction of total flavor. Learn why using the best tomatoes costs only a few cents more per-serving.

Maximize your sauce's fresh tomato flavor - If you want to get more fresh flavor from your sauce, here are three ways to reduce Time and Temperature.

Proper sauce handling tips - Prevention is the best medicine. Here are six handling and storage practices to ensure your sauce consistently tastes its freshest!

Choosing signature seasoning - Creating a signature sauce recipe is a highly personal art without hard-and-fast rules. But here's a look at some of our own favorite seasonings.

Understanding sauce gelling - After chilling overnight, a tomato sauce still smells and tastes fresh but becomes harmlessly thick or lumpy. What's going on?