Tomato Economics

"Don't be Pennywise and Pasta Foolish!"

Whether you're making pizza or pasta, there's a lot of cheap tomato sauce out there, and it can be tempting to "save" a few bucks a case buying cheaper, less-flavorful sauce. Don't fall into the “per-case cost” trap!

Evaluate Costs Like Your Customers ... on a Per-Serving Basis!
Remember that when you buy sauce, evaluate cost the way your customers do ... on a per-serving basis! After all, when your guests order a pizza or a plate of pasta, they're buying only a single-serving of tomato sauce ... not a whole case!

How to Calculate Cost Per-Serving!
A case (six #10 cans) of pizza or pasta sauce contains about 600 ounces of sauce. At about 6 ounces of sauce per pizza (or per pasta serving), that case will make 100 pizzas (or 100 pasta servings). So if buying superior-quality tomatoes costs you an extra $2 per case, that’s only 2¢ per pie (or per pasta serving)!! Why risk your customers' satisfaction (and your business) for 2¢?!

You Can Afford the Best Sauce Flavor for Only Pennies More Per-Serving!
Even at a few dollars per case more, you can afford the best-tasting sauce per-serving! In today's competitive restaurant environment, compromising tomato flavor for pennies just doesn't make "cents"!

Demonstrate It for Yourself!
To see how little it costs to serve your customers the best-tasting sauce, enter the difference in “price per-case” between the premium tomato sauce and its cheaper competitor, and press “Go” to see the true cost difference on a proper “per-serving basis.”