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Sharing Success: Standing Together

It has been a few months since I last wrote to you. During that time, we have been focused on the preparation and the execution of our Fresh Pack Tomato Season. We are nearing the end of the season, and I’m pleased to report that our efforts have allowed us to produce plenty of consistently high quality products, while keeping our dedicated employees safe and sound.

The fact that I haven’t written does not mean that you are not on my mind. Never have I been more inspired by the resiliency, determination, passion, and competitiveness of Independent restaurateurs. I find this to be a comfort, since our family business is exclusively focused on quality-oriented restaurants. Being fully vested in independent restaurants also reminds me that we are truly in this with you.

Covid-19 is rewriting the rules of competition. Here is a look at how some fellow Independent restaurateurs are adapting to succeed!


Comfortably-Distanced Dining

At their upscale table-service ristorante in Vero Beach, FL, Amadeo Amelio and his family have long satisfied regulars with fresh seafoods, veal, or pasta entrées prepared to order.

During lockdown, Amadeo shifted to curbside takeout. As Florida partially “reopened,” he welcomed customers back into his dining room … in a controlled way to keep his team and guests safe while still creating a warm, relaxing atmosphere.

KEY IDEA -To meter guest flow, the restaurant takes a limited number of reservations for 4:30 pm, 6:00 pm, and 7:30 pm.

KEY IDEA -Guests are not expected to wear masks at their tables. But Amadeo’s team remains fully masked and gloved. To reduce the risk of table-to-table cross- contamination, servers rewash hands and put on fresh disposable gloves between visiting each table.

Arriving guests can access touchless hand sanitizer in the lobby. After a single use, laminated menus and pens are also set aside for thorough sanitation.

So far, guest reaction is positive. An hour and twenty minutes is long enough for them to relax and enjoy an excellent meal while still giving Amadeo’s team time to wipe down chairs, tables, door handles, etc. between seatings!

Amadeo Amelio, Owner
Pomodoro Grill
Vero Beach, FL