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Business Builders: Boosting Sales

January 2021

All-Weather Shelters

KEY IDEA – Where outdoor dining has been permitted, resourceful restaurateurs have beat inclement weather by creating attractive dining shelters featuring heat, greenery, and often twinkly lights! Beyond traditional catering tents, special structures include mini-greenhouses and even storage “PODS” remodeled into “dining villas!”

Pizzaiolo Woodfired Pizza
Oakland, CA


Spotlighting Special Sanitation

KEY IDEA – To help protect his guests from COVID-19, Dave Kuban had special virus resistant coatings applied to his tables and chairs. To help reinforce guest confidence, Dave then tastefully displayed photos and an explanation of the process in his restaurant. That’s just one more step in reminding his faithful regulars how much he values their well-being!

Dave Kuban, Owner
Planet Pizza
Norwalk, CT


Doggie Cookies!

KEY IDEA – To boost sales, some restaurants have expanded takeout menus with unique offerings. At Pesto’s Wine Bar, that includes selling “freshly baked Doggie Cookies made with yummy, all-natural ingredients.” Adding pet snacks to their order is popular among homebound dog owners spending far more time with their furry companions!

Pesto’s Wine Bar
Chandler, AZ


Donation Scoreboard

KEY IDEA – For months, restaurateurs Michael and Vicki Nelson have encouraged their generous customers to donate pizza in support of community hospital workers.

To keep the ongoing drive top of mind, they post a “Donated Slices” scoreboard on Instagram. These visual reminders keep donors engaged and giving. And Michael and Vicki have earned community praise for spearheading the campaign!

Michael and Vicki Nelson, Owners
Little Pop’s New York Pizza
Naperville, IL