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For three decades, Frank’s Pizza and Pasta has satisfied Baltimore locals with great- tasting Italian specialties.

KEY IDEA – To appeal to both younger and older takeout customers, second-generation
owner Gerry Buontempo offers BOTH online electronic ordering to attract younger consumers and
voice-to-voice phone ordering to satisfy older regulars. Adding electronic ordering has helped Gerry expand hiscustomerbase. As a result, more than half of Gerry’s takeout orders now arrive electronically through his POS and flow seamlessly to his kitchen “ticket printer.”

Gerry Buontempo, Owner
Frank’s Pizza and Pasta
Baltimore, MD

Slow for Great Italian

The driveway entrance to Jolene DeFranco’s deli and catering kitchen is located on a blind corner of a winding rural road. Departing customers are sometimes surprised by fast vehicles appearing around the bend.

KEY IDEA – To reduce potential accidents and boost awareness of their location, the DeFrancos mounted large roadside signs ahead of the curve in both directionsreading“PleaseSlowDown … Great Tasting Italian Food Ahead!” As a result, traffic speeds are down and first-time visits by curious locals are up!

Jolene and Joe DeFranco
Joe DeFranco and Daughters Catering
Bangor, PA