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Business Builders: Getting Noticed

January 2019

Chalk “Graffiti”

KEY IDEA – To create local buzz, owner Christal Spata used a cardboard stencil to chalk her pizzeria’s logo (with city permission) onto area sidewalks. The mysterious “chalkings” grabbed pedestrian attention and prompted the local newspaper to post curious photos on their Facebook page. Best of all, the “evidence” washed away harmlessly in the next rainstorm, leaving walkways clean for the next artist!

Christal Spata, Owner
Valeo’s Pizzeria
Kenosha, WI


Wedding After-Parties

KEY IDEA – Destination weddings are increasingly popular in Wisconsin, from rustic barns to upscale halls. So in early spring, Jane Schradle visits local venues to share hot samples and menus.

As a result, a late-evening delivery of Jane’s pizza is often pre- planned into the reception as a hot snack to keep dance parties rolling.

Jane Schradle, Owner
Lake Country Pizza
Turtle Lake, WI


In Vino Veritas

KEY IDEA – To reinforce their restaurant’s dedication to wine appreciation, the LoGiudice family tastefully paneled a wall with etched wooden wine crates from high-end wineries. This celebration of premium vintages also subtly demonstrates that fellow patrons know and enjoy “the good stuff” by the crateful.

Gaetano LoGiudice, Owner
Cucina Family Style Ristorante
East Quogue, NY