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Business Builders: Smoother Operations

August 2018

Menu Profitability

KEY IDEA – Attracting loyal patrons requires maximizing ingredient quality. So remaining profitable requires adjusting menu prices to keep up with inflation impacting those premium ingredients. To smooth these adjustments, on a quarterly basis, Angelo Randazzo recalculates his total ingredient cost to make each menu item. This reveals where his menu pricing may be falling behind. Gradual adjustments keep Angelo’s menu equally profitable over time and avoids surprising customers with big “all-at-once” price increases.

Angelo Randazzo, Owner
Angelo’s Pizzeria
Williamstown, NJ


Maximizing Prep Consistency

KEY IDEA – In pleasing loyal customers, consistency is king! To help his employees internalize the importance of consistent preparation, Mark Gracz weighs out freshly sliced sandwich meats each morning and wraps each portion in cellophane. Prior to each shift, his team also pre-weighs his shredded pizza cheese into plastic cups provided by his cheese company. Removing guess- work helps Mark ensure that his regulars can count on receiving identically generous portions every time!

Mark Gracz, Owner
DiMarco’s Pizza
Buffalo, NY


Applicant Pre-Screening

KEY IDEA – Great employees aren’t always easy to find. But Ryan Wilder has found one way to boost the odds. He gives job applicants a totally blank piece of paper and a pencil. He then asks them to write their name, phone number, available hours, date they can start, recent work history, and what personal traits would make them a good employee. In addition to their answers, the exercise reveals the candidate’s ability to follow simple instructions.

Ryan Wilder, Owner
Italian Village Pizza
Orlando, FL