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Balancing Supply and Demand

KEY IDEA – At a previous location, a tiny kitchen paired with a huge dining room made it hard to keep up with occasional busy-night demand. A new location with a larger kitchen and smaller dining room helped owner Ryan Delmore better balance service supply and demand. As busy- night table delays disappeared, online reviews praised the improved service, and more newcomers began showing up. Now customers are more consistently satisfied, generating even more positive Word of Mouth!

Ryan Delmore, Owner
Del’s Pizza
Pismo Beach, CA

“Walking Billboards”

One secret to the popularity of Giuseppe Sparacio’s handcrafted hoagies and cheesesteaks are his house-baked rolls. The freshly baked rolls further elevate his premium cured meats and cheeses.

KEY IDEA – To help increase Word of Mouth, pizzeria owner Elizabeth Badami sells T-shirts with her pizzeria’s logo at a modest margin to encourage regulars to serve as her “local billboards.” By far, her most popular Word of Mouth clothing items are logoed sweatpants printed with the slogan “These are my pizza eating pants!” While the shirts are popular, the pants sell out quickly every time!

Elizabeth Badami, Owner
Mary Jane’s Stone Baked Pizza
Monaca, PA

Upscale Jarred Desserts

KEY IDEA – To boost takeout sales (not kitch- en labor), owner Will Grant started offering unique jarred desserts made by a local world-class pastry chef. Priced at $8, the exquisite, layered desserts feature delicate mousses, chocolate ganache, and exotic fruit preserves, topped with gourmet cookie crumbles. As Word of Mouth spreads, their sales continue to grow!

Will Grant, Owner
Sourdough Willy’s Pizzeria
Bainbridge Island, WA