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Dino’s INAUGURAL La Trattoria Message, September 1990

Thank you for reading our inaugural edition of La Trattoria. This newsletter’s sole purpose is to provide you with information you can put right to work in improving your business!

La Trattoria’s content is tailored specifically for Independent Italian restaurants and pizzerias and is not for chain type operators. We believe the name La Trattoria is especially appropriate since typical Italian trattorias are family businesses with the same Independent values of quality, service, and honesty that Stanislaus shares with our many valued customers.

Our reason for publishing La Trattoria is simple. Stanislaus has produced premium quality tomato products for quality-conscious Independent restaurateurs since 1942. Since our only business is serving Independents, our long-term success very much depends upon your long-term success! And presently, we both face a growing threat from large food service chains.

You and I know that superior food quality is your best competitive tool against the chains, but we have been thinking of other ways to help you in the ongoing battle for customers. I believe one way to do that is to provide a regular forum for Independents to share ideas that work!

Let us know how we are doing! Until next time,
Ciao! – Dino Cortopassi