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Key Idea: Smoother Operations

October 2019

Student Athletes as Reliable Employees

KEY IDEA -Finding good help is never easy. But, for restaurateur Fred Filletti, local high school and college student athletes often make responsible, reliable hires. Fred has found that students active in sports are often more goal oriented, disciplined about honoring commitments, and accustomed to operating on fixed schedules. When possible, Fred prefers recruiting kids whose families have long been regulars. Watching them grow up helps give him a sense of which ones are truly hard workers.

It is not a perfect system, but over many years, it has helped Fred identify and hire some solid “keepers”!

Fred Filletti, Owner
Filletti’s Pizza
Dundalk, MD

Overcome Holiday No-Shows

Restaurants which are especially busy during the holidays face a pricy dilemma. On the one hand, maxing out reservations during peak demand periods requires turning away potential guests. On the other hand, last-minute cancellations turn valuable table space into lost opportunities.

KEY IDEA – When sought-after reservations for her annual Thanksgiving dinner were abruptly cancelled, restaurateur Anne Rizzoli immediately announced the newly available seats on her restaurant’s Facebook page. Almost as quickly, loyal regulars were calling to snap them up!

Anne Rizzoli, Owner
Louie’s California Bistro
Santa Barbara, CA