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Key Idea: Stretching to Grow

July 2019

For decades, King Umberto Pizzeria has been a neighborhood landmark in Elmont, NY. While their father’s generation set the standard, Giovanni Cesarano and his brother have become next-generation leaders in the family business.

Rather than resting on their laurels, the brothers have kept the business growing and evolving, thanks to their disciplined, goal-driven process.

KEY IDEA – That is, on a regular basis, the brothers take time to identify their biggest growth opportunities in each operational area of their business. This includes ways to further enhance customer satisfaction, better educate servers in consultative selling, further enhance food quality, boost consistency, upscale their offerings, etc.

KEY IDEA – Because “What gets measured gets done,” they next identify what achievable, measurable goals would allow them to best leverage each opportunity. Then the brothers put specific plans into action and measure their progress against those goals monthly.

For example, if new items are added to the menu, the sales of those items are reviewed to see whether they are exceeding their sales goals or whether they need adjustments to get there.

By holding themselves accountable to measurable improvement, the Cesarano brothers have kept their long-established family business growing month after month, year after year!

Giovanni Cesarano, Co-Owner
King Umberto
Elmont, NY