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Key Idea: Successful Habits

August 2018

As a restaurant consultant, artisan pizzaiolo Anthony Falco has spent plenty of time observing what factors help separate truly successful Independent restaurateurs from the crowd.

KEY IDEA – In Anthony’s experience, one of the greatest predictors of above average restaurateur success is cleanliness. It is not just that insisting on spotless dining rooms (and restrooms) reinforces guests’ perceptions of quality excellence.

KEY IDEA – Instead, Anthony’s definition of “cleanliness” goes beyond whether a kitchen looks clean. It also indicates a leader’s organizational skills, ability to delegate and hold team members accountable, and attention to operational detail.

KEY IDEA – Anthony says that especially well-run restaurants often spend time thinking about how to better organize work stations, including finding ways to ease and speed cleanup. For example, for restaurants baking bread or making other kinds of dough, upgrading work surfaces to include lipped edges keeps flour on the table and off the floor.

KEY IDEA – Similarly, organizing pantries and walk-ins with clearly labeled “homes” for each ingredient promotes regular inventory rotation, more accurate inventory management, and even reduced “shrink” because missing or outdated stock becomes easier to spot.

More importantly, employees naturally follow the path of least resistance. So teams are more likely to keep things neat and tidy when their workspace is structured to make that the easiest path to follow. In turn, increasingly consistent work environments make it easier for team members to internalize an attitude of consistency in their own work!