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Key Idea: Young Artists

January 2019

Here are two ways local restaurants attract neighborhood families by making youngsters (and their parents) feel like VIPs!

Celebrating Young Artists
KEY IDEA – When youngsters arrive at The Fishn’ Pig Restaurant, servers actively promote the monthly coloring contest, which faithfully awards T-shirts, free food, and other fun prizes. The walls tastefully display last month’s entrants, including winners
from three age groups.

KEY IDEA – Actively promoting their monthly contest and keeping displayed art current allows The Fishn’ Pig to:

  1. Demonstrate a genuine interest in its youngest guests.
  2. Give fidgety kids something fun to do while they wait.
  3. Make winners (and their proud families) feel like VIPs when presenting their prizes!!!

Sydney Moineau, Marketing
The Fishn’ Pig
Farmville, VA

Take a Kindergartener to Work Day
KEY IDEA – Back when her own kids attended a nearby school, restaurateur Paula Spataro hosted her first of many kindergarten field trips to her restaurant!

Students see the kitchen, step into the chilly walk-in, and hear how food is prepared. In the dining room, they receive small pressed-out dough rounds on parchment marked with their name. Paula ladles a little sauce onto each round, which the kids spread with spoons before adding cheese and fresh veggie toppings.

KEY IDEA – Then, as the pies bake, the youngsters color small pizza boxes. After enjoying a warm slice of their own pie, the kids take the rest home in their decorated box! As a result, Paula hears plenty of praise from proud parents!

Paula Spataro, Owner
Emo’s Restaurant
Revelstoke, BC