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Why Visit Pizza Expo?

January 2019

Tom and Maureen in our Stanislaus Cucina at Pizza Expo 2018. Because Pizza Expo attracts so many of “our kind” of quality-oriented Independents, our company has attended every year since 1992.

To Our Restaurateur Friends,

Pizza Expo is a one-of-a-kind trade show focused on providing Independent pizzerias and Italian restaurateurs proven ideas and information of value.

For example, most of the top-quality educational seminars on everything from marketing to finding and keeping great employees are designed and presented by other successful Independents.

This year’s Pizza Expo is being held March 5th to 7th in Las Vegas, NV. (By the way, we don’t happen to have any “free passes” or “discount tickets”.)

If you have never attended, you might consider doing so. Many successful independent operators have told us that attending Pizza Expo is a worthwhile investment for further enhancing the quality of their food and sharpening their business skills.

P.S. If you go to Pizza Expo, please come say “Hi!” to us and our team at Booth #2325. We look forward to seeing you!