Full Red ®
Chunky Tomato Sauce
Packed from Fresh Tomatoes! NOT From Concentrate

Our Full Red® Chunky Tomato Sauce is ideal for all recipes where the naturally sweet flavor and texture of unseasoned crushed vine-ripened tomatoes is desired.

Packed fresh-in-season from California’s finest tomatoes, Full Red® Chunky Tomato Sauce delivers the homemade consistency and fresh flavor of the Full Red® family of sauces.

The key thing for tomatoes is consistency. What I like about Stanislaus, when I open up a can, I have confidence that whatever it is that I buy is the same, every single time.

– Paul Cataldo
Antonio’s Italian Ristorante

Best Uses for this Product

Unseasoned and juicier than Tomato Magic®, Full Red® Chunky Tomato Sauce adds uniquely vine-fresh tomato aroma, flavor, and homestyle texture to your scratch pomodoro sauces! Blend one-to-one to Full Red® Puree or two-to-one to Saporito® Puree in place of added water. Similar to San Nicola® Chunky Pizza Sauce.

*Available in select areas


All of our tomatoes are planted and cultivated by selected growers, using seed stock purchased from seed growers using Non-GMO and Non-Bioengineered seed and farming practices. All non-tomato ingredients are from Non-GMO / Non-Bioengineered sources and processing practices.

  • GSFI
  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO

Tomato 101

We Know 
  • Start With The Best

    “You can’t make good wine with bad grapes.”

  • Preserve Flavor

    Time & temperature are the enemies of fresh tomato flavor.

  • Stay Consistent

    Superior quality you can count on.