Welcome to the Family

For over 80 years Stanislaus has been family owned and operated.

A Note From Tom Cortopassi

In my family, in both good times and lean, eating well has always been a matter of family pride. That's why making our tomatoes "best of the best" isn't just business, it's highly personal. We take great pride in knowing that, for generations, restaurant families across the US and Canada have counted on our tomatoes to make their own recipes taste their best.

Buon Appetito!

— Tom Cortopassi
President and Co-Owner

The Cortopassi Family

Our family takes great pride in our Italian roots. It was my grandfather Amerigo Cortopassi who first came to the United States from Lucca, Italy at age 17 in 1921. Since that time our family has made our home in the beautiful Central Valley of California.

Always Family Ownership

Our Roots Run Deep

An American Dream
Ralph & Edna Quartaroli start Stanislaus Food Products on a “shoestring” in a rented shed with borrowed equipment, powered by rented steam locomotives. Owning their own family business was their American dream.
Our Early Quality Focus
From the beginning, Stanislaus focused on attracting loyal customers who value quality over price. Our brands, like Full Red Pizza Sauce & Full Red Puree, soon grew to become #1 in New York & Chicago.
A Family-Run Legacy
Ralph & Edna’s trusted sales advisor, Frank Piciullo, takes the reins at Stanislaus. Known for his integrity & deep understanding of our customers, Frank pioneered the ground tomato category by adding Tomato Magic & 7/11 to our brands.
A Focus on Restaurateurs
Stanislaus commits itself to focusing on premium tomato products made exclusively for quality-oriented, independent restaurants. In 1978, the family-run legacy continues, with ownership passing to an energetic young tomato grower, Dino Cortopassi.
Improving Quality & Consistency
Dino, well-versed in the quality mindset of independent restaurateurs, invests in new technology to ensure Stanislaus’ fresh tomato flavor & can-to-can consistency continue to improve over time.
Premium Offerings
By listening to & learning about restauranteurs, Stanislaus innovates several additional premium product segments, including Alta Cucina, al Dente! & 74-40 Tomato Strips.
Growing Relationships
As Dino retires, his nephew Tom Cortopassi begins to lead our company. From a family of farmers & cooks, Tom guides our growers to further improve their fresh tomato quality.
Sourcing Quality
Stanislaus further invests in enhancing product consistency & flavor, including sourcing the freshest local ingredients & developing techniques for sautéing & caramelizing fresh onions in olive oil.
Trials & Triumph
We stand behind our loyal restaurateurs as they demonstrate grit, determination & resilience throughout the pandemic. Despite the loss of our beloved patriarch, Dino, in 2022, we proudly celebrate 80 years of Stanislaus!
Looking Forward
For over 80 years, Stanislaus has remained true to our loyal customers by sticking to the immigrant values we grew up with: work hard, do your best, keep your word & never cut corners. Because of your support, we will continue to do so for the next 80 years!
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The Stanislaus Difference

Striving to be “best of the best” is not easy, but worthy goals never are. Here are a few of the ways that our family-owned company does things a bit differently from others.

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Tomato 101

We Know 
  • Start With The Best

    “You can’t make good wine with bad grapes.”

  • Preserve Flavor

    Time & temperature are the enemies of fresh tomato flavor.

  • Stay Consistent

    Superior quality you can count on.