Business Builders

Hometown Advantage

Invite Young Families

Joe Mignano has learned through the years that one highly effective way to attract new, quality oriented customers is to give young families living in his neighborhood an excuse to try his pizza for free. So Joe works with local preschools to arrange for hands on tours for kids (and their parents) of his pizzeria. By treating his young guests like valued rock stars, Joe finds that quite a few of the parents have later become regulars!

Joe Mignano, Owner Vinnie’s Pizza Troy, PA


Referrals from Regulars

Quality job candidates are not always easy to find. Pizzeria owner Giovanni Esposito boosts his odds of hiring success by tapping his best regulars for possible employee referrals. They already know what kind of boss he is and the type of honest, hardworking folks he is looking for. As a result of this type of customer recommendation, Giovanni has found several good employees!

Giovanni Esposito, Owner Big Daddy’s Pizza Pottstown, PA


Encouraging Patio Pets

Restaurateur Chris DiFranco has tapped into an underserved customer base … dog owners accompanied by their pets. Many dog lovers view their four legged companions as “members of the family.” So by providing outdoor water bowls and openly welcoming well mannered dogs on his patio, Chris has increased sales and discovered that “dog people” can be especially loyal in response!

Chris DiFranco, Owner Nino’s Pizzeria & Catering Buffalo Grove, IL


Grabbing Visual Attention

Businesses located next to busy roadways are virtually “invisible” to daily commuters … unless they can break through the visual clutter to capture drivers’ attention. To do this, restaurateur Tony Scalise writes a different quirky joke or pun on a large chalkboard sign on his sidewalk next to the busy street. When regulars tease Tony about his offbeat humor, he knows that he successfully grabbed their attention!

Tony Scalise, Owner Prima Pizza Cornwall, NY


Tapping Distant Demand

With their pizzeria located in a small rural town, Linda and Bill Calgaro’s customer base is geographically limited to guests living within a twenty minute drive. But occasionally, previous guests living much further away would lament that they didn’t live closer.

That got Linda and Bill thinking about how to satisfy this untapped “distant demand.” So they began informing their more far flung fans that, with a little advance warning, Calgaro’s Pizza would gladly prepare take and bake and fully frozen versions, which they could take home in bulk and enjoy later! Problem (and sales opportunity) solved!

Linda & Bill Calgaro, Owners Calgaro’s Family Pizzeria Cole Camp, MO