Business Builders

Local Roots

Wine Tasting Tour

To more personally connect with their loyal customers, restaurateurs Ivan Sayles and Rich Venticinque hosted a Saturday bus tour of nearby Long Island wineries. For $40 each, guests savored local wines, a gourmet picnic lunch, and fresh fruit pie for dessert at a local artisan bakery.Not only did the event more than pay for itself, participants generated plenty of positive word of mouth in the following weeks, and Ivan and Rich had the chance to deepen genuine friendships with many key regulars!

Ivan Sayles and Rich Venticinque, Owners Rachel’s Waterside Grill Freeport, NY


Pit Stop Introduction

Each year, bicyclists ride 100 miles of country back roads between Austin, TX, and Shiner, home to Shiner Bock Beer. Given the opportunity to make their restaurant the halfway “pit stop,” Anita and Tom Douple jumped at the chance. To support the charitable event, the Douples provide water, power, and outdoor space for volunteers to assist passing cyclists with water, repairs, and first aid. Not only does this make the Douples feel good, the event has effectively introduced hundreds of cyclists to their uniquely memorable restaurant (and its remote location)! Anita Douple, Owner

Whizzerville Hall McMahan, TX


Preserving “Glory Days”

Community spirit often revolves around local schools. So when his old high school was slated for demolition, Brad Brubaker salvaged sports-related memorabilia, including the gym press box, bulletin boards, and lockers. Then, after deep cleaning and fresh paint, Brad proudly displayed them on his pizzeria walls. Now, his wife Darci updates the bulletin boards with local sports stories from the hometown paper. Not only are Brad and Darci preserving “glory days” memories, but their new décor has helped locals feel especially connected to their family’s pizzeria!

Darci Brubaker, Owner Pizza 101 Columbus Grove, OH


Preselling Catering Quality

First time catering customers often arrive with unrealistically low price expectations. That is why Independent caterer Melanie Mandi always begins her initial appointment with prospective clients by having them sample her cooking. Whether tasting her freshly made marinara or one of her signature butter cookies, warm from the oven, her customers become “presold” on her superior food quality long before discussing details or prices!

Melanie Mandi, Owner Catering by Melanie Philadelphia, PA


Leveraging “Awareness”

To build local awareness, pizzeria manager Michael Napier wears his logoed shirt while running errands around town. After noticing how many children ask, “Can I have some?” after reading “pizza” on his shirt, Michael printed a child’s drawing of a pizza, “A small pizza for____” and a blank to write the child’s name on the back of his business cards.

When proud youngsters arrive to claim their free pie, their equally proud parents typically order their own meals (and, more importantly, try Michael’s food) at full price! Mission accomplished!!!

Michael Napier, Manager Five Star Pizza Kingsland, GA