Success Stories

Pizaro’s Pizzeria Napoletana

A key to business success is standing out from the competition. In Houston, TX, Nicole Bean satisfies her growing clientele with top quality ingredients. Emphasizing flavor authenticity over being “all things to all people” reinforces the uniqueness of her presentation!

At Pizaro’s Pizzeria Napoletana, guest attention is first drawn to huge wood-fired ovens at the center of the dining room. In addition to her original wood-fired Neapolitan pizza, Nicole added deck ovens capable of baking authentic crunchy cheese-edged rectangular Detroit pies and thin, crisp-bottomed New Yorkers.

But while visitors to other pizzerias are accustomed to a variety of serving sizes, for consistency reasons, Pizaro’s offers each pie style in only a single size. That is because, rather than paying lip service to authenticity, Nicole is truly striving to faithfully recreate each style as close to the original as possible.


So for example:

• In the mood for a sparsely topped pie with a soft, airy crust with dappled “char”? Pizaro’s staff recommends the 12” original wood-fired Napoletana.

• Prefer thicker cheese, plenty of toppings, and a crispier crust? Stick with the 16” New Yorker.

• Looking for a breadier, pan-baked, crunchy cheese-edged crust topped with tangy red sauce? Go with the 9” x 12” Detroiter.

Hoping for a toppings-heavy Napoletana, a personal-sized New Yorker, or a single square of Detroit style? No can do. Nicole’s staff will cheerfully steer you toward whichever of their three fixed options most closely fits your wishes.

Operationally, eliminating size choices greatly simplifies dough prep/inventory/storage for each style. Consistent baking is also easier for Nicole’s oven-tending team when they don’t have to manage size-based differences in “oven time.”

This seemingly “one size fits all” approach surprises some newcomers. But from a marketing perspective, it provides Nicole’s team the perfect opportunity to explain how the size for each style was chosen for optimal flavor and baking authenticity.

This helps set guest expectations on enjoying a truly exceptional rendition of each regional style. In short, by presenting “best of the best” quality food in a unique way, Nicole and her family are definitely standing out from the crowd!