Success Stories

Primadonna Restaurant

Host Your Own Radio Show

One of the most powerful ways Joe’s found to publicize his restaurant is to underwrite and host his own weekly Saturday morning radio talk show. However, instead of using the show to “plug” his own restaurant, Joe demonstrates his integrity and fine dining expertise by inviting other area restaurateurs to discuss their restaurants. Recognizing the power of this awareness tool, Joe ensures maximum listenership by occasionally placing newspaper ads to encourage diners to “tune in” to his show.

This is a tremendous win, win, win idea. Participating restaurateurs get to tell the public what’s new and exciting at their establishments. The dining public learns more about area restaurants. And Primadonna Restaurant demonstrates that Joe is truly a fine dining expert.


Birthday Greetings Increase Business

Joe’s an innovator on many fronts. For example, to attract more first timers to try Primadonna, Joe bought a birthday list of area residents who matched his target audience (by age and income) and established a birthday card mailing program with an enclosed $10 gift certificate. As a result, quite a few flattered recipients tried Primadonna, found the food/service to be excellent, and became regular customers!


Special Attention Pays Off

Joe does not take customers for granted once they’ve started coming to his place. In fact, he cements his bond with guests by paying special attention to his regulars with an occasional complimentary appetizer. Joe says, “It’s an investment. Letting your customers know they are important to you makes them comfortable, so they tend to spend a little more and return more often.”


Getting Maximum Mileage from Reviews

Joe’s also a firm believer in getting maximum mileage from awards and favorable reviews. By tastefully highlighting these third party endorsements on his menu and his business cards, Joe provides potential first timers yet another reason to give Primadonna a try!



While Joe’s extracurricular efforts may attract new customers, he knows they’ll come back only if he consistently meets their expectations with great food and service. Therefore, Joe constantly reminds his staff that “We’re not doing customers a favor by serving them; they’re doing us a favor by letting us serve them!”