Business Builders


Engaging Social Media

During the pandemic, many restaurants have occasionally tempted regulars with mouthwatering food pictures on Social Media. Joe Brignoni, owner of Joe’s Rotisseria in Roselle Park, NJ, has turned this into a daily relentless artform. Without spending tons on advertising, here is how he has attracted over 60 thousand Instagram followers within six years:

1. Invest in a nice digital camera/ smartphone (which also takes video) and a lightbox or ring light. High quality photographs and lighting make your food look better online.

2. Post photos and videos of your food, not stock photos. People eat first with their eyes, and you want them hungry for your menu.

3. Post multiple times EVERY day. Early morning posts catch folks as they check their phones. Hit them again in the afternoon, when they think about dinner.

4. Be social on social media. Promptly thank every person who comments on your photos. If you recognize customers, personalize your response. Don’t be afraid to ask people to share your post. Word of mouth is the best way to get a new customer.

5. Be passionate about the food you post! As long as you share authentic passion, people feel it! Above all, Joe’s photos and videos focus on providing mouthwatering visual entertainment. Joe’s posts NEVER mention prices, discounts, or deals!

Joe Brignoni, Owner Joe’s Rotisseria Roselle Park, NJ


Personal Connections

When personal relationships feel more important than ever, Joe Mignano especially enjoys welcoming young families. One customer even wrote that Joe “always has high fives, smiles, special treats, and congratulations for kids.” With parental permission, Joe invites young guests to make their own mini pizzas side by side with him while he makes their family’s full-sized version. When twin toddlers who couldn’t say “Vinnie’s,” nicknamed Joe “Mimi”, Joe surprised their mom with tiny t-shirts printed “Mimi’s Pizza.” Bravo!

Joe Mignano, Owner Vinnie’s Pizzeria Troy, PA


“What’s Different About Us?”

To many potential job recruits, typical restaurant “help wanted” announcements are boring. According to Bruce Irving’s “Pizza Marketing Podcast,” rather than “We have openings at $XX per hour,” workers yearn to hear “What’s in it for me?” And beyond hourly wages, most employees want “to make a difference in a place that makes a difference” to its customer community.

That why we especially liked this message from pizzeria owner Derrick Tung which explains exactly why Paulie Gee’s Logan Square is such a cool place to belong!

We’re Hiring!!! I know, I know, lot of people are hiring. What’s different about us?

A. Make and eat some of the best pizzas made by some of the best crew. Woodfired, Detroit inspired, NY style, and a few other secret styles coming up!

B. Work with an amazing team that’s got talent and passion for what they do… from pizza making to eating to cocktails to service to desserts. We work hard and we have fun!

C. All our positions pay $XX to $YY an hour after tips. Yes, even the prep team and dishwasher. They’re important parts of the team too.

D. Know the story of our “secret staff member”!

E. Get 50% off your bill at our restaurant. And a free drink each shift. And get kicked out when we close!

F. Work with a team that cares about each other and their local and global community. And we show it through local staff outings, fundraisers, charity events, and all sorts of other secret stuff coming up that I can’t talk about yet…but it’s going to be big!

So whaddya think? You interested? Know someone who is? Reach out with your resume and let’s get you on our team!

Combined with staff referral rewards, heartfelt personal ads like this one helped Derrick overcome the current labor shortage in order to staff a whole new location! Bravo!

Derrick Tung, Owner Paulie Gee’s Logan Square Chicago, IL