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Unique Angles

Flame Fired Fries

Customers used to ask Nick DiBattista whether he offered French fries. But without a fryer in his kitchen, it seemed out of the question. Then Nick began experimenting with his wood fired oven. The result were Nick’s “Flame fired fries, Neapolitan style.”

Nick places sliced potatoes in baking tins, drizzles them in extra-virgin olive oil, and bakes them briefly. When they emerge sizzling hot from the oven, they are dusted with grated cheeses (pecorino Romano and Parmigiano Regiano) and dried Italian herbs. Delizioso!

Nick DiBattista, Owner Corky’s Pizza Arlington, TX


Reward Referrals

Because friends often share similar tastes, Richard Ames arms his customers with “Refer a Friend” cards. The cards entitle a friend to complimentary breadsticks at Daddio’s Pizza.

The referring regulars also get to write their name on the backside so when the card is redeemed, Richard can thank them with freshly baked breadsticks on their next visit. Because Richard made the offer a gift, rather than a discount, he attracts quality customers looking for good pizza, not disloyal price-shoppers just looking for a deal.

Richard “Daddio” Ames Daddio’s Pizza Grande Prairie, AB


Monthly Motivation

To keep his servers engaged and enthusiastic, pizzeria owner David Garcia holds monthly staff meetings to introduce the new pizza, dessert pizza, and beer of the month. Not only does his team get to taste the pizzas, he shows them step by step how each one is made, then they role play in how to suggestively sell each to guests.

Many of David’s guests enjoy the ever changing specialties. But more importantly, making rotating specialties an ongoing feature forces David to train and motivate his staff (and therefore himself) every single month!

David Garcia, Owner Alamo City Pizza Parlor San Antonio, TX