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Go to Market Videos

This artisan restaurateur knows that his “twenty-something” clientele likes “knowing where their food comes from.” So he uses his smartphone during his weekly visit to San Francisco’s farmer’s market to film another 60 second “What’s New at the Market” video. Sharing these videos with regulars online allows him to introduce unique market vendors or offer produce quality tips, while subtly reinforcing his dedication to freshness.

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House-Made Sausage

Pizzeria owner Brad Knaak likes buying locally grown and butchered meat because he prefers the quality. It also allows him to tell customers that he knows exactly what is in his sausage because he makes it himself. Seasoning his own sausage helps Brad stand out from the competition by offering unique flavors not available elsewhere!

Brad Knaak, Owner Butch’s Pizza of the North Eagle River, WI


Welcome Home!

Restaurateur Aldo Evangelista has a gift for recognizing customer faces, even years later. Embracing guests after a long absence certainly makes them feel good. However, what is far more valuable to attracting and keeping new customers is when Aldo spots and welcomes back returning newcomers, making their “second impression” as memorable as their first!

Aldo Evangelista, Owner La Hacienda Restaurant Niagara Falls, NY


“Open Door”

Kitchen Restaurateurs David and Lori Pasqualone think of their guests as “extended family.” So while David is usually busy cooking, he actively encourages guests to pop their head into his kitchen to say “hi.” Lori also enjoys visiting guests during their meal. Receiving personal recognition and attention from the owners helps their guests feel like valued VIPs, giving them one more reason to come back for more!

David and Lori Pasqualone, Owners Ristorante Pasqualone Columbus, OH


Sharing Family History

Restaurateurs often assume that customers know their family history. But unless it is written where they can see it, they probably don’t. That is why Paul Visingardi got a friend to create a scrapbook with family photos and newpaper clippings to share with takeout customers waiting on orders. Reading the scrapbook helps them pass time and they learn about Paul’s Old Country roots in the process!

Paul Visingardi, Owner Vizzy’s Pizza Palace Westland, MI