Business Builders

Unique Ideas

Jalapeño Roulette

Because appetizers are often impulse purchases, Jonathan Cowan boosted app sales by turning “jalapeño poppers” into an order-boosting attention-getter.

Now, his team suggestively sells four breaded peppers, side by side, as “Jalapeño Popper Roulette.” The twist? Three of the visually identical peppers offer normal heat, while the fourth (located randomly) offers an exceptionally spicy surprise!

Jonathan Cowan, Owner Wooden Paddle Pizza Lemont, IL


Pizza e Vino!

During the pandemic, “prepare it yourself” restaurant meals have become a popular form of home entertainment.

Restaurateur Mike Bausch found a way to further elevate his customers’ home pizza making experience (and boost sales) by adding bottles of wine to his pizza kits! BRAVO!

Mike Bausch, Owner Andolini’s Pizzeria Tulsa, OK


Touchless QR Menus

While COVID remains a concern, many consumers still prefer avoiding shared surfaces, including door handles, tabletops, restrooms, and even printed menus.

To provide guests with a touchless menu option, Guantonios Wood Fired Pizza created a digital QR code which, when scanned, pulls up a digital version of their menu onto guest smartphones!

Nick Guan tone, Owner Guantonios Wood Fired Pizza Lodi, CA


Consistent Operation

Pre-Chilling Dough Water

When Brooklyn pizzaiolo Salvatore Cicciarella moved to Texas in 1971, locals said baking New York pizza in Houston was impossible “because the water is no good.” But to Salvatore, the biggest difference wasn’t flavor but its temperature out of the tap.

Unlike ice cold NY tap water, Houston’s was tepid. To prove his point, Sal started making his Brooklyn dough with iced Houston water, and it came out perfect! From then on, a coiled water line running through his refrigerator carried perfectly pre-chilled dough water to a tap next to his mixer!

Salvator e Cicciarella, Owner Giannina’s Pizza and Catering Cypress, TX


Precision Prep

To keep his food prep exceptionally consistent day after day, Joe Leroux placed electronic scales at each station along his make line.

Short-handled peels then carry sauced dough skins from scale to scale. Adding cheese and toppings by predetermined weights ensures that Joe’s patrons always experience the exact same flavors and generous portions.

Closely tracking high-value meats and cheeses also reduces costly waste/shrink. Emphasizing precision also helps Joe’s team internalize his “consistency mindset” throughout the rest of his operation!

Joe Leroux, Owner Amadeo’s Pizza Mississauga, ON