Success Stories

Alamo City Pizza Parlor

As a young man, David Garcia originally studied to become a doctor. However, David realized that he was happiest when sharing his love of cooking with others. So he left med school for culinary school and never looked back. After working for others, David finally opened Alamo City Pizza Parlor, where locals could be equally comfortable sharing a meal or just “hanging out.”

David particularly enjoys making simple, traditional foods surprisingly flavorful. As a result, David keeps his menu small and emphasizes ingredients known for fresh, bold flavors. As for the pizzeria, David wanted it to feel like a home away from home, rather than copying the corporate “sameness” projected by many chain pizzerias.

While some restaurateurs think of their “neighborhood” as where their restaurant is located, David instead sees his neighborhood as a series of opportunities to further build his business. For example, the uniform supply store across the street attracts police officers, fire fighters, and EMTs from all over town. To reach these influencers, David got permission to post a small card at the store’s cash register announcing a modest discount at his place for “first responders in uniform.” Not surprisingly, after trying his food “on the job,” many of these hardworking public servants later return with their families to enjoy fun, affordable, and delicious evenings out!

Similarly, when David joined the nearby gym, he asked the trainers what “healthy” meals they would like to see offered by local restaurants. In response, David created his “Fitness Mini Menu” flyer for gym patrons featuring 6 ounce portions of lean grilled chicken, seared tuna, or marinated flank steak, accompanied by a side of healthy veggies like spinach, mushrooms, etc.

The mini menu proved so popular among fellow gym members that David then introduced his food and the flyers to trainers at several other local gyms.

While David’s place is known mostly for its pizza, he is also always looking for cost effective ways to make his place more fun. For example, during warmer months, David turns his patio into an outdoor movie theater. That is, using a digital projector, David projects campy movies from the 1940s and 1950s onto the side of his restaurant. The G-rated classics are both inexpensive and royalty free because David buys them from online dealers specializing in “public domain” movies whose copyright protection has expired.

Not only is bright white exterior paint perfect for turning a patio wall into a giant movie screen, it also helps David keep the outside of the restaurant looking its best. That is, because bright white paint is easy to match, David can quickly paint over scuffs or occasional graffiti without leaving telltale patches of slightly mismatched paint.

But in the end, David says that it’s all about making consistently great tasting food. We couldn’t agree more!