Business Builders

Memorable Visits

Keepsake Photos

For guests, nothing creates warm restaurant memories like gathering with loved ones to celebrate happy occasions. So why not help your guests relive those positive memories over and over?!

That’s exactly why restaurateur Lilly Kong invested in a digital camera and photo printer. Now, whenever guests gather at Lilly’s restaurant to celebrate a special occasion, Lilly can snap their photo and present them with finished prints before the party ends! The photos then provide lasting memories of good times had by all!

Lilly Kong, Owner Perché No, Seattle, WA


Big Money

With children, sometimes little things make the biggest impression. That’s why pizzeria owner Jerry Fogleman keeps his cash register stocked with fifty cent pieces from his bank. Then, whenever a young family pays for their meal, Jerry makes a show of including this “big money” in the parents’ change.

Because half dollars are not common, many young children have never seen them before and find them fascinating. While it literally costs Jerry nothing, the simple gesture is something that many youngsters long remember!

Jerry Fogleman, Owner TJ’s Pizza Café, Cape Carteret, NC


Unconventional Tally

Jerry Neumann’s unconventional pizzeria is memorable in many ways, from its cavernous size to its unique “industrial style” décor of colorful, recycled factory equipment.

But for Pizza Machine regulars, remembering when they last visited can be as simple as checking one of the many structural support pillars scattered throughout the 7,000 square foot space for their personal tally. That is, like stickers applied to a football player’s helmet to commemorate individual tackles or touchdowns, Jerry encourages regulars to indelibly track each visit to his offbeat eatery in permanent marker.

Jerry Neumann, Owner Pizza Machine, Springfield, IL


“Eat Local”

Independent restaurateur Steven Ross has found a simple way to turn the presence of national restaurant chains in his neighborhood to his advantage. That is, business is up since he started distributing bookmark sized flyers encouraging customers to patronize Independent, locally owned establishments.

Designed by a “buy local” group called “”, the flyer states: “Spend $1.00 at a national chain, and an average of 43¢ stays in the community. Spend $1.00 at a local Independent business, and 68¢ stays in the community.” In other words, buying from locally owned businesses benefits the entire community!

Steven Ross, Owner, Roscoe’s BBQ, Rochester, MN


Fighting City Hall

Getting the attention of local government officials can be challenging. But restaurateur Jenny Siormanolakis has an effective technique to encourage their cooperation. That is, when Jenny addresses an important concern with a city official, she also informs other interested parties, including the local newspaper.

For example, when Jenny wrote to the mayor about a dangerous traffic situation in her neighborhood, she forwarded her letter to other affected businesses, her city and state representatives, and the local police department. Listing their names on her letter subtly reminded the mayor that other influential parties were also expecting a prompt, appropriate response. As a result, the traffic issue was quickly resolved!

Jenny Siormanolakis, Owner, Romana Restaurant, Burnaby, BC


Something for Everybody

Whether for lifestyle, religious, or health reasons, consumers observing dietary restrictions appreciate restaurants who consciously accommodate those preferences. For example, for those folks who are allergic to wheat gluten, traditional wheat based pasta and pizza are off limits. Offering reliably “gluten-free” pasta and pizza versions is not easy in many busy kitchens, because even accidental contact with traditional wheat based foods can impact gluten-sensitive guests.

However, for Richard Morgan, learning how to properly prepare and store gluten-free ingredients (to keep them reliably gluten-free) has attracted enough gluten-sensitive consumers and their families to his place to increase overall sales by 20%!

Richard Morgan, Owner, Morgano’s Pizza and Restaurant, Middletown, NJ